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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 14, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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attractive. if you don't want the irish to rake you over the coals. because the irish seem to know something called -- many of you in washington are clueless. i'm eric bolling along with kimberly guilfoyle, geraldo rivera and dana perino and greg gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five"! well the democratic candidate for president had their first dance with the debate last night. we have a ton to get to so let's jump right in the burning question of the evening, would hillary get pressed on the email scandal that's dogged her campaign from the get-go? yesterday i suggested the way bernie sanders addresses hillary's email scandal will be a huge tell into how serious of a candidate he really is. did hillary feel the burn? we report, you decide. >> you are going to be testifying before congress next week about your emails. >> tonight i want to talk not
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about my emails but about what the american people want from the next president of the united states. >> let me say something that may not be great politics. but i think the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you. me, too. me too. >> well not so much burn, more like a cool breeze on a warm day. that was lame, bernie. but maybe hillary would feel the chafe. >> any time someone is running to be a leader a world leader, credibility is an issue. out there with the world and we have repair work to be done. think we need someone that has the best in ethical standards as our next president. that's how i feel. >> secretary clinton, do you want to respond? >> no. >> well, dana, no burn, no chafee.
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>> the democrats know they want to win the general election and one of the things that hillary clinton has had to deal with is that it was her decision to have the private email server and her decision to hide it and her decision to tell several lies about not having classified emails, et cetera and i know that on the democratic side like we're tired of hearing about this because her poll numbers on likeability and trust worthiness have gone down like 30 points from june until now. i understand why they did that and i think for the democrats it was smart politics and they play well together. interestingly, poll today showing that 68% of american people do want an investigation into emailings. it doesn't matter whether they're tired of it the investigations are ongoing. and they don't just go away because people get tired of hearing about it. especially regardless of the set aside the benghazi committee. the foia requests are from entities like judicial watch and there are others. those are now on a judicial schedule. that have nothing to do with what people are hearing about. those things will continue to come out and the press will have
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to cover them. very telling in the press room last night when this happened, all the reporters cheered, because they don't want to talk about the emails, either. >> greg did bernie sanders let hillary off the hook for these reasons, or because he doesn't want to pick a fight with a clinton? >> this is why hillary supposedly won last night. everybody there treated her like the scary wide-eyed drifter at a diner. they're hoping if they're nice to her, she might spare them when he starts shooting. they're all waiting for that job. bernie did that for the job and the administration next. meanwhile chafee, what was he doing there? he came off like a bumbling train conductor from a 1940s screwball comedy. i kept thinking it was some british guy playing a character actor who was hired from one of those mystery dinner theaters. he just seemed completely out of his mind. >> i was feeling bad for him at one point.
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>> so was i. >> i made the wrong vote because my father just passed away. i didn't really -- >> he said it was 90%, 95. >> talk to me about bernie. he had an opportunity to highlight what dana points out. this is an investigation ongoing. >> bernie acted like he didn't care about winning. if he really did, he wouldn't be so concerned about the clintons gunning him down. he would have take an shot and said listen, this is a problem. because that was his opportunity. instead they're like shaking hands, it was chummy. i think that was a letdown. so far up on the stage he was the main contender. anderson didn't challenge hillary, either. nobody did. for her, this was a huge win. she got through it and she didn't take any hits. >> he just handed her the nomination. >> he did totally agree, last night hillary clinton became the democratic nominee in fact. if not formally. there's no doubt that what senator sanders did there was the bookend to what congressman
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mccarthy did on the sean hannity show. when he admitted that the benghazi investigation quote-unquote, the email scandalette. you take mccarthy's statements and you take bernie sanders saying people are sick of the damn emails. i ink you may wishful thinking hope there's something else to come. there will be nothing, treading over the same ground, it will be go away. >> it was dishonest. what he said was dishonest. >> people are sick of the emails. he might be. but the general public are interested in this it's very deceptive. >> and they should be. >> when he said people. he was talking about the people he knows. >> and the people that are in the room. >> political expediency. anderson cooper asked hillary about that. i don't think anderson went easy on them. >> i think he tried very hard. >> i think he went right at hillary the first question. hats off to you. >> on that one. >> on that one.
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>> when did becoming a socialist become a good thing? i remember getting into hot water for calling president obama a socialist. last night it seemed to be a democratic badge of honor. first up, bernie sanders suggested we need to be more like some of the socialist countries in europe. >> i think we should look to countries like denmark, like sweden and norway and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people. do i consider myself part of the casino capitalist process? by which so few have so much and so many have so little? by which wall street, greed and recklessness wrecked this economy? no, i don't. i believe in a society where all people do well, not just a handful of billionaires. >> then hillary delivered a line that almost broke my eardrums. >> i think what senator sanders is saying certainly makes sense in the terms of the inequality we have. we are not denmark. i love denmark, we are the
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united states of america and it's our job to rein in the excesses of capitalism so it doesn't run amuck and doesn't cause the kind of inequities that we're seeing in our economic system. >> rein in the excesses of capitalism. how about unleash capitalism instead? all of a sudden they were out-socialisming each other. >> it was like a sit-in in the quad in berkeley in 1976. >> exactly. >> it was like a heinous hour from msnbc. here you have four people who weren't running for president of america. they are running for social chairman of the weather underground. they were ignoring everything that made america safe. denouncing everything that made america great. it was the most bizarre thing. it's because they're all running left. sanders has pulled them left. that's why webb looked like a fish out of water. it was by virtue of being normal and humble and reserved, webb was a freak.
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>> so dressing, so true. >> we should look more towards denmark, norway and sweden. >> i did find the whole thing to be very shocking and unsettling to me, honestly. because having watched all of these debates for years and years, i've never seen a democratic primary debate like that before. where it was just -- so effusive with the socialism and wanting to reinvent america. not adhering to any of the principles and ideals that have made us great and made us strong. and made this a very wealthy country with opportunity. all of that seems to just be like washed away you know. with a pair of wipers last night and it's to me, i don't understand. i think it's really a fundamental decision about which way, what direction you want the country to go. >> geraldo, you're a capitalist? >> i am. >> you couldn't have been happy with the way they're trying to out-socialize each other. >> could you put a picture of bernie sanders up there. i cannot look at him and not think of larry david from the seinfeld show. he is larry david.
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he's that guy -- >> he is a self-professed socialist. that does affect it i think where they have hit i think where they resonate. a tone where they resonate. when they talk about crony capitalism, the fact that nobody went to jail. including people lost billions of dollars in 2008 and you, too, i'm sure. capitalists though we may be. we lost a lot of money. nobody went to jail. nobody was punished. even though they paid fines. the banks are too big to fail. i think that all of those things resonate. except we're not denmark. you're not going to get any kind of anything other than fear from voters by -- >> rein in the excesses of capitalism? >> i'm going to remind you of this when you come to me and go hey, bolling, how about the price of microsoft.
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>> i like crony communism yesterday. that was a good line. >> there's a reason that in the focus groups and the youth thought that bernie sanders won this debate and the media thought that hillary clinton won this debate. because the media wants her to win this debate. when they say nobody went to jail, do you think for one second that barack obama's justice department under eric holder did not try to find somebody they could indict and put in jail? that was under the obama administration that all of those lawsuits took place. i would commend you, you have to look up this article by kevin williamson in the "national review" about bernie sanders and the socialist countries of denmark, sweden and norway. it is shocking and very disturbing and so you've got all of this campus-oriented socialism discussion going on in a democratic party. but it wasn't just bernie sanders that pulled them left. it was barack obama. this is a new party, they have, they have evolved to be something that they were not, even eight years ago. >> and i distinctly remember saying something like president obama's policies are like a
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socialist. he could be the first socialist president. and i got ripped by certain people that used to sit in that chair. free health care for illegals. free stuff apalooza. here are the candidates promising free everything, free, free, free. >> raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. pay equity for women workers that is an international embarrassment. that we do not provide family paid family and medical leave. >> i want to open up the opportunity for immigrants to be able to buy in to the exchanges under the affordable care act. i want to enhance the benefits for the poorest recipients of social security. >> we must invest in our country and the potential of our kids, to make college a debt-free option for all families. >> not one mention of the one free thing that would pay for all of this pandering kg, the free market. >> capitalism, it's a dirty phrase to them. >> it makes me feel they're
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ignorant about the economy and how it works and what would be in the best interests of the country. they're more interested in kind of just pushing for their e ideology, despite what the outcome would be. it's reckless. and it's dak rouse. people need to wake up. >> isn't it reckless, with all due respect. isn't it reckless for donald trump to propose a flat tax or grossly simplified tax. that will according to the tax foundation, hit $10 trillion to the deficit over ten years? or the jeb bush plan that will add almost $4 trillion. $4,000 billion to the deficit? isn't that socialism? >> can we be accurate? that only happens in a flat. if the pie doesn't get any bigger, then -- >> even though, it makes a difference. i looked it up today. it presupposes 4% growth in the economy annually and still it's a $10 trillion deficit. that is socialism. >> but you have to look at the
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accounting you're not just going to do that you're going to make responsible doubts a very bloated bureaucracy and government that doesn't do crap. >> the other interesting thing there was no talk about isis new york city talk about russia, no talk about terror. instead, they were essentially condemning the lack of generosity in america. the real evil here is that we don't pay enough for these programs. the saying connect the dots? liberals cannot even connect one dot. what happens when you take everybody's money. what happens? they die. the economy dies, the world goes to hell, look at venezuela, you want to connect a dot? socialism? no toilet paper. venezuela -- >> you can't get milk in cuba. >> you can go down the line in socialist countries in northern europe. >> this is not a debate for hard truths. what geraldo says is take the tax foundation thing and try to go after jeb bush and whoever on the republican side with
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specifics. all the candidates got to talk about all this free stuff and not one follow-up question about how you're going to pay for that. there was none of that. and if you are 35 to 40 years old and you're paying your student loans back and you've got $50,000 in student loans, you're thinking wait what about me? more class warfare. i would add that hillary clinton is now being attacked by the left for suggesting, having the gal to suggest that she wants to see social security remain solvent into the future. the left think that's a tell. she's not going to give more money immediately on social security, fdr wanted social security to be solvent into the future. >> last topic before we move on. on monday greg asked skd what each one of us would ask the candidates. my question was, do black lives matter or do all lives mat centre cnn asked that very question. but i wasn't expecting such ridiculous answers. first up, sanders. >> senator sanders? >> black lives matter. we need to come back,
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institutional racism, combat dprxt top to bottom. >> o'malley's turn. >> black lives matter, do all lives mat centre. >> the point that the black lives matter movement is making, is a very, very legitimate and serious point. black lives matter. >> mrs. clinton dodged the question. >> i think that president obama has been a great moral leader on these issues. they need a no new deal for communities of color. >> senator webb was the only one who spoke up for all lives. >> as the president of the united states, every life in this country matters. >> i'm sorry. >> i just want to say, could i be the first to welcome senator webb back to the republican party? come on over. >> that's actually the point that all of us on the republican side try to make is that of course all lives matter. it's like a no-brainer. >> unless -- >> i thought o'malley took a wrong turn.
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>> o'malley was -- talking to the audience. >> what was o'malley doing there? >> he was the governor of maryland. >> if you guys want a coronation, you can have it. >> the people running for president are doing it to get talk shows, we know that from our history. by the way when i look at webb, i think he's like a guy who was the victim of an errant time machine. he was supposed to crash the 1944 presidential election. he ended up here, where they've got nothing but bozos up there. and he's going, how did i get here? >> blue lives matter, black lives matter. all lives matter. if you go to the black lives matter, without adding the next line, that's why they should stop killing each other. >> what about the unborn? >> we're going to leave it there. stay tuned, we've got more to discuss on last night's debate. ahead, the candidates were questioned about their enemies and only one had an answer.
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when anderson cooper asked the candidates which enemies they were most proud of making, unlike the twerps around him, jim webb mentioned someone who
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was not american. he didn't say the coal lobby, the nra or the health insurance companies. he said this -- >> i'd have to say the enemy soldier that threw the grenade that wounded me. but he's not around right now to talk to. >> wait, he didn't say christians or fox news or cops? no wouldn't anywhere the crowd of wing dings, his answer brought nervous laughter. who would joke about killing an enemy soldier? well how about a guy who has seen real evil up close and unlike the toe-sucking progressives. webb exposed the emass cue lags of the democratic party incapable of recognizing real evil be it domestic criminality or worldwide terror. they see phantom enemies in coal mines and churches. which why webb was so out of place, he's the only person who didn't think america when the word evil came up. so on that stage there were two americas, one expanding, one vanishing. the growing one is a dependence
2:22 pm
machine thriving on division and cowardices the vanishing, the stoic independent warrior reflected in a reserve, but sometimes nervous webb. it's the thing about war heroes, stockdale, mccain, webb. they can't sell themselves. the modest men of battle can jump on grenades but are flummoxed by political blubbering, in this contest for who's the lamest on stage, webb came in dead last by a country mile. meaning in the universe of right and wrong, he won hands down. >> read it again, that was great. >> you're going to get democrats to flock to urbaner. -- your banner. >> kimberly, they laughed and cheered about the emails. they laughed about security. this was a guy who brought up cyberterror. the only person who brought it up. the only one who gets it, and he's got no chance in hell. >> no, but again, he's on the wrong stage.
2:23 pm
somebody gave him like bad google map directions, and he missed the debate he should have been a part of. i was happy to see him there to stand up and be like a normal person. the problem is he's not going to get the nomination because the rest of them have like double-wide pink erasers, like you said, america is vanishing under their ideals. >> where has this guy been for the last five, six seven years? >> senator. >> he was senator, but he retired, he didn't run for re-election. >> he wrote books, understand he's been very accomplished. but he's not been part of the political process. >> what's the problem? donald trump wasn't part of the political process. >> why he's polling so low and why he doesn't have much of a reaction. think a lot of it is his fault. he lost all of his organization, most of his old supporters. in virginia he believes in the confederate flag being able to be flown and all that kind of stuff. he is kind of a throw-back. >> he is a throw-back. but in a good way. i mean eric, this is a guy who can kill on the battlefield.
2:24 pm
it seems like war heroes -- >> reluctantly. >> when they're on debate. they have -- is it because they've been through so much that they think political posturing is lame? >> everyone is so ready to talk about their achievements and what they've done literally, i'm listening to that story last night. i looked it up today. you know the story? he went after, there were three or four enemies that were shooting on his group. he went after them. he took three of them out. he took one of them, took one of them with him as they continued further, another bunker, three or four more enemies. one of them throw as grenade. it's near one of his guys in his platoon. he throws the guy down, lays on top of him. the grenade explodes, he gets hurt and he gets up and kills another group of enemies. he put down three separate groups of enemies. but we don't know it. >> he has a great marine. he has a son who is marine. dana didn't need this. >> refuse to take a handshake
2:25 pm
picture. >> geraldo should i care about that? do you think i'm going to say webb shouldn't be up on stage running for president because he dissed president bush? i don't think so. >> it's clear if you're talking about political skill that's required to become elected senator and then president of the united states of america -- you start to think through things like disrespecting the commander-in-chief with whom you disagree, which is fine. eight years ago, he was thinking of running for president. >> i thought his problem, dana, i thought the shirt was too snug, it felt a little tight, a little stiff. >> you know the word that didn't come up last night? isis. the hung thing that the democrats are going to have to deal with is whether president obama is going to allow troops to stay in afghanistan or increase the number. the other thing is i would have been really glad to hear a question about what is going to be generational struggle. if we have a problem of dealing with an ideology that is intent on killing us, what is any one of their plans to fight back against that ideology? what about the growing dominance
2:26 pm
of china? there are so many foreign policy questions that are actually economic as well. they didn't get after. >> do you want an answer on what they consider to be their enemy? let's roll it quick. national security, go for it. >> what is the greatest national security threat to the united states? >> it's certainly the chaos in the middle east. >> iran remains the biggest threat along with the spread of isil. climate change. >> it has to be continuing threats from the spread of nuclear weapons. >> climate change. >> our greatest day-to-day threat is cyberwarfare against this country. our greatest military operational threat is resolving the situations in the middle east. >> there you go. of course it's climate change is more important. susan rice said what's causing syria is climate change. these are our leaders. >> it's scary. >> in desperate need of therapy. >> go send them all to sit in an igloo somewhere. go away. >> nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists. >> that's a problem.
2:27 pm
it can be nonstate actors with these things. quite scary. do you think he's going around in the next debate, webb? >> i think the democrats, the remaining conservative democrats that are out there, the moderates that still exist. >> you mean the five? >> i think they should at least try to keep them around. >> how were the ratings last night? >> 15 million. it was a record. >> i'm shocked it was that high, that's pretty high. >> n the gop. >> but still -- >> i watched the game. >> the ratings were high, but so was i, the only way do get through it. >> the marijuana thing? >> no. i'm -- >> what did joe biden think about last night's debate and also the republican candidate? you'll hear from him and them next on the fief. "the five." ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪
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the republican presidential candidates now have to two
2:32 pm
debates under their belt and a third in calm of weeks. here's some of their thoughts on how the democrats did last night. >> i thought it was interesting that they didn't go after her, particularly on the email issue. because look there's an fbi investigation. she hasn't been forthcoming. >> bernie actually for the sake of a good sound byte let her off the hook. when you're losing that badly, you have to go a lot stronger. >> it became what i predicted it would be, a race to the left. >> it was interesting for america to see each and every democratic candidate explain how what we need is an even weaker america, how we should withdraw even more from america, avoid any conflict whatsoever with iran, with russia, with ice ice. with the lunatic who is want to kill us. >> what do you think? >> i was proud of, of -- i thought they all did well. i thought they all did well. what else is he going to say,
2:33 pm
right? >> his dalying around, really, joe biten? >> i think joe biden said that because they all did well. >> he didn't even, he didn't know what they were asking about. >> there's no room for him to go. >> last night if it had gone poorly last night. he's watching or paying attention. the people doing the draft biden thing? ha wasn't good for him. >> i thought rubio's response was good. >> it's clear the democrats, that's what they want. they want the clinton coronation, they want to have it sooner rather than later. the only thing now after last night i agree with kg, hillary had a good night because she was up against, four stiffs, whatever. so joe doesn't jump in because she did well. but he does jump in if anything progresses with the emails. that's why the emails matter. >> think about it, let's just say -- that there is something
2:34 pm
that comes out. they have the other four as their option. >> that is not good insurance policy. >> that's a good point. >> i think that trump was right what were half of them doing on the stage, anyway? o'malley was the mayor of baltimore. >> he was the governor of maryland as well. >> he became the governor of maryland. >> what's his credentials? >> he looks great. >> he also says as mayor he had the three of the low eest tops >> he had 100,000 people in jail in a city of 600,000. >> why do you say that he doesn't -- what are his credentials, there are three or four governors running on the republican side. >> did you spend one second of your life thinking what martin o'malley been doing with his life since he retired from the gorp of maryland. you take the train through baltimore. you see acres of devastation.
2:35 pm
he was the mayor of that. >> and this is surprising, geraldo, you're thinking like a normal person. >> i resent that. >> but i'm not even done. >> are you going to get real? >> you saying this guy doesn't deserve to be up there. but barack obama didn't deserve to be up there in 2007 and 2008. he was a nobody, in obscurity. it doesn't matter to the left. all they do is they want to take you and mold you into what they want. >> you know why people want bernie sanders? the same reason why the left wanted john mccain in 2000. they wanted john mccain because there's always a great republican. he's expansive and moderate. what they felt was that john mccain would be easier to beat than george w. bush. that's why the left wanted john mccain. the right wants bernie sanders, because he would be much easier to beat than hillary clinton. let's talk reality. >> and america does not want a hard left socialist. they don't want one. >> the problem is the only good person on that stage was jim webb in terms of like a
2:36 pm
reasonable set of what we need in america. about national security. i say that based on what he said last night and based on his military service. he didn't pick cumulus clouds as the biggest threat to america. good god. >> the fact that hillary -- >> first lady, elected senator from new york state and secretary of state and we totally discount anything any experience she's ever had. why? because we don't like her. you saw last night an extremely competent person, even though she may not be the most pleasant person in the room, she's going to be a hell of a debater and i submit she would not be that bad of a president. >> you know what was missing from last night? all of the debate, there's not one note of grace or charm or humor. it was like a hammer against your head for three hours. >> >> there was a lot of applause lines. there was no laughter. it was about they're saying something that we must agree with about planned parenthood, clap clap clap.
2:37 pm
it wasn't like -- >> it wasn't funny. >> it was like the clap track. >> like wall street like when donald trump said rand paul shouldn't be on the stage. was he that gracious? >> well -- >> jim webb, naval cross, he earned that as well and -- >> the bronze star. >> 32 operations for his combat injuries, now that's a real man. >> he was secretary of the navy. i think that would be a great job for him. secretary of the navy. >> i know and they have -- >> he was a reagan appointee. >> come to the dark side, jim webb. >> kg is getting the gold star with the cumulus clouds. much more to come. the candidates weren't asked about planned parenthood. hillary clinton found a way to bring up the scandal on her own to win applause from the crowd.
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cnn spent more than ten minutes pressing the gop candidates on planned parenthood. but the moderators didn't bring up the topic once at last night's debate. only hillary clinton who used the republican outrage over the sale of baby body parts to win some applause from the audience. take a listen. >> it's always the republicans, or their sympathizers who say you can't have paid leave. you can't provide health care. they don't mind having big government to interfere with a woman's right to choose and to try to take down planned parenthood, they're fine with big government when it comes to that. i'm sick of it. >> be sick of it. at the beginning of the debate hillary said this -- >> i have spent a very long time, my entire adult life looking for ways to even the odds, to help people have a chance to get ahead. and in particular, to find the ways for each child to live up to his or her god-given potential. >> but is she really trying to
2:43 pm
help all children live up to their god-given potential? including the unborn? i think you know what i mean. dana? >> well remember, that nobody is more well-researched than hillary clinton and they have focus grouped and test and they know that planned parenthood is very popular in the country. it is a huge political machine and it is squarely behind hillary clinton. so i think she was waiting for the question. because it wasn't coming she had to figure out a way to plug them and get it in there and that will help her with those people. interesting yesterday planned parenthood announced it was ending its practice of paying for fetal tissue. >> the one that they said they weren't doing. now they've ended it. they were selling baby body parts. >> they claim that their expenses were being reimbursed by the process. but they to me -- as a person who is pro choice, what planned parenthood did as disclosed by those horrible videos was to become so hardened and insensitive as to make of humanity a commodity.
2:44 pm
shame on them, they have now as dana suggested, outlawed the process. thank god they have. but why is it, does the left cling to planned parenthood despite the exposeexpose's, tha because there's a feeling about planned parenthood, an attempt to sabotage a woman's right to choose. >> that's incorrect. now get ready to get flayed, greg? >> that's the perception. the same way when gun rights activists think whenever you talk about gun control you're taking away their guns. it's almost a mirror except a gun argument is correct. i love how they, when they always mention abortion is health care. but it is not health care for the unborn. and then they call it government interference. but if they're ever should be government interference or at least a concern among the american population, it's for those who don't have a choice. you can't find anything, i mean -- >> but see you're making an anti-abortion argument. you're making my point. that's why people are into the
2:45 pm
planned parenthood outrage. >> someone has to make a moral argument for the voiceless. a great question for hillary. such a champion for the planned parenthood. how her life would have been different if see would have had the alternative. >> bill o'reilly, a says she's a great politician. she sees something she wants to get in there, she throws it in there, she's doing exactly what she's being told to do and doing it well. >> don't you think abortion and immigration, here we go again? aren't they losing issues for the republicans? >> i wou i've said this on record, i would prefer they stick to the fiscal issues. >> stick to politics. >> all right. i think she did all right last night. but i don't think -- still to come all the democrats running for president are white. does the party have a diversity problem? just asking. the head of the dnc answers that one, next. stay with us.
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don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. take the free home energy checkup. honey, we need a new refrigerator. visit and get started today. most commentators are predicting that this will be one of the most racially divided presidential elections ever. with most white people voting for the republicans and most people of color voting for the
2:50 pm
democrat. which makes the following fun fact so interesting. on the gop side there are four candidates who are minorities. you have marco rubio and ted cruz who are cuban/americans. dr. ben carson is a black man and bobby jindal. asian-american. on the democratic side, none, zero, zilch. jorge ramos pointed out that the lack of diversity to democratic chair, debbie wasserman-schultz. >> i didn't see an latino orr an african-american or an asian on that stage. >> you know our president of the united states who is a democrat, is african-american. we are the party of diversity. the republicans you know, are essentially the party of a monolithic view. that is narrow minded. that says let's take our country backwards. >> kimberly reminds us that bill clinton was once, or hillary clinton was married to the first black president --
2:51 pm
>> bill clinton. >> i think it shouldn't matter what somebody's background, diversity is, et cetera. i get it because they like to tout it but nevertheless people who want to run, you've got to be the most qualified, got to get up there regardless of whether you're a man, woman or what your diverse background is. >> do you find it frustrating that he, dr. ben carson. a brilliant surgeon, a guy doing so well in the polls and people suggesting that there won't be a meaningful shift in the african-american vote, they're so accustomed to voting for the democrats, like the latinos and like the asian-americans and like the jewish americans, they'll follow the old pattern? >> the gop needs some. i think they need 8% of the african-american voters. so typically they don't get that. they could use a 40% hispanic vote as well. i found it very interesting, debbie wasserman-schultz says democrats are the party of diversity. cnn moderators were more diverse than the democratic party on stage and that's a sharp contrast to what they're
2:52 pm
actually trying to sell. they're not selling it. >> is it do as i say, not as i do, dave? >> it's hard to take her seriously, you're seeing the four people tlup. i think you're going to see the diversity on the vice presidential choice. >> like whom? >> i don't know, i think there's many qualified minorities that are in the democratic party that could rise to the occasion. >> the castro brothers, in texas? >> as in not the cubans? >> i'm not going to suggest who would be a great democratic candidate for vice president, i think they know they have a problem with the look and feel of their candidacy. and they will add diversity in the vice presidential slot. >> did that ever strike you, you're such an astute observer of these things. >> as a black lesbian i've always been interested. >> that's why we love you. >> because jorge ramos always asks these questions. >> are you calling me jorge? >> no, can we start sending american journalists to mexico
2:53 pm
to question the diversity of their elections and executions. >> they don't have executions. >> oh yes they do. >> they don't have the death penalty. >> i'm talking about the executions in the street by gangs. >> that they have. >> their violence in their country is color blind. >> so do we. >> they kill everyone. jorge, go to your original country where you're from. why don't you question the diversity of those who die? >> now isn't that like the worst kind of generalization, like a trumpian statement about mexico? >> as murderers and executioners? >> new york city just read the facts. >> so jorge ramos is not able to question because he's mexican? >> yes, he's not able to question, that's exactly what i said. >> one more thing is up next.
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when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. all right time for one more thing. dana's first. >> there used to be limits to ice hockey dreams for young women. but not any more. there's a new national women's hockey league and my friend, madison packer, grew up in a hockey-loving family. played in college. there was no professional path for her until now. she's on one of the four teams, the new york rivers and they had their first game last week. sold-out crowd, that's madison packer there. they're selling out crowds, young girls cannot only dream of playing at the next level, but they can get paid for it.
2:58 pm
a professional new women's hockey league. let's cheer them on. >> i would like to see the latest. >> drawback, go ahead. >> can you buy a new one. >> in another exciting story. 92-year-old world war ii veteran zach stefan, he is one tough guy. over the weekend he became one of the oldest people to jump off a plane. near tampa bay, florida. before he did it his buddies had one last question. and it was why, let's try it. jump with 13,000 feet and he's looking forward to jumping again. he said maybe for his 95th birthday. we know another great guy, 41, who did it for his 90th. well done. >> time for a new thing. >> great adventures in great writing. i'm going to read the best lead of an article i've come across, in the last week. from the a.p., this is how it goes, a former meerkat expert at
2:59 pm
the london zoo has been ordered to pay compensation to a monkey handler she attacked with a wine glass in a love spat over a llama keeper. best lead ever. they set this in motion by eating a panda. >> the only thing missing was the video. >> you adopt rescue dogs, fantastic. went there, check it out. first picture, quick, scroll through the pictures fast. go, there it is, there's the director, couple of rescues. there's adrian with a couple of rescues, go ahead. there's me with a nice puppy and there's a little girl who adopted that dog, fantastic. but dana, made a donation to wolf-stock on our behalf. >> i thought you were picking up a dog. >> no. >> thank you. >> geraldo, you're up. >> my family went to puerto rico, this little island three miles off the coast of puerto rico. so erica, my wife, made a film, it's so cute. you can do this as an app on iphone, i guess, you can do it.
3:00 pm
family and friends travel to puerto rico. there they are. alex on the left. that's my beautiful daughter, the 10-year-old, i have another beautiful daughter in the studio, isabella. >> got to go. >> coming up next. "special report." hillary clinton's campaign is riding high after her debate performance in vegas. but bernie sanders surged. the email investigation, and a possible joe biden run. still, looming. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington, i'm brett baier, hillary clinton did nothing to jeopardize her front-runner status during last night's first of the campaign. democratic debate. what was billed as a clash between the five declared candidates was essentially a one-on-one between clinton and primary challenger bernie sanders. all the threat from vice president biden's possible entry may be starting to fade


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